McGroarty Arts Center Ceramics Show

The former home of John McGroarty (journalist, playwright, poet laureate and congressman) has been for some years now the McGroarty Arts Center, providing classes in music, dance, theater, painting, drawing, ceramics, photography and writing. Program levels range from preschoolers to seniors, and all at a very low cost. Check the center’s calendar for art sales and concerts. Upcoming Saturday 6/11 is their annual ceramics exhibit, one of L.A.'s best-kept secrets. People come from all over to see the work and enjoy the view from the balcony.
This historic Tujunga “rock house” is also just a neat place to visit. The surrounding park is dotted with ancient oak trees, a perfect spot for picnicking and creative reverie. 7570 McGroarty Terrace, Tujunga. (818) 352-5285.