Older Amusements

The California Alligator Farm 1907-1953

Part of the fun of exploring L.A. is digging for old resources that help you visualize what was there, or to help you find more information on what's still there. While looking at various So Cal amusement parts, old and new, I started making notes on places like the Los Angeles Alligator Farm, 1907-1953. This was located across from Lincoln Park and later relocated to Buena Park and renamed the California Alligator Farm until it was dismantled in the '70s. There's an interesting site on the subject at http://www.lincolnheightsla.com/alligator.

The Los Angeles Ostrich farm 1906-1953

Adjacent to the alligator farm was the ostrich farm where you could visit, feed and ride behind the strange birds. There are pictures of brochures and souvenirs from this attraction posted by a Lincoln Heights historian here: http://www.lincolnheightsla.com/ostrich